Size Guide

There are two essential components when it comes to buying a William Hunt suit: size and fit. Size is the number inside your jacket (38, 40, 42 etc). Fit is the overall shape and style of that particular suit.

The waist size of trousers provided with all William Hunt suits are 6 inches smaller than the jacket size.  For example a 40 inch jacket will come with a 34 inch waist trouser. The trouser waist size is easily adjustable as trousers are cut with extra fabric tailored into them so that you can easily let out or take in the waist by up to two inches.

All trousers come with a standard 34" inside leg length which can be easily altered to your requirements. 

Below is a table of Suit sizes with their corresponding trouser size. 

Chest Size in InchesTrouser Waist Size in Inches
34" 28"
36" 30"
38" 32"
40" 34"
42" 36"
44" 38"
46" 40"
48" 42"
50" 44"


If you have any further questions relating to the sizing of William Hunt suits please contact our Savile Row or Harrogate store where a member of our experienced team will be able to assist you. 


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