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IKEA x William Hunt - Be a Maverick with Fabric


When it comes to textiles, IKEA believe in putting your stamp on a room. It’s what makes a home uniquely yours. We at William Hunt believe in creating, through our luxury tailoring, heroes out of ordinary men and women. When you wear a William Hunt suit you are destined for greatness. The four IKEA suits we have made show how we can all bridge the gap between fashion and interiors and become a "Maverick with fabric" in our own homes.

Latest research has shown that one in four of the great British public are lacking in confidence and are struggling to express their personalities within their own homes. This is in stark contrast to how they feel expressing themselves through fashion.

The IKEA "Maverick with fabric" campaign aims to encourage you to bring more personality into your own home using IKEAs beautiful textiles. 

William Hunt is delighted to be working with IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer. We hand-crafted the one of a kind Savile Row suits using IKEA textiles Sofia, Rosenrips, Nedja and Kungslilja, which mirror existing products by the IKEA including Poang chairs and Stocksundt sofas and bedding.

William Hunt has become world renowned for his eclectic use of a hugely diverse range of fabrics. Explore our Spring Summer collection here.