Oud De Parfum


“smell better looking”

Styled for modern millennials, William Hunt Oud De Parfum is a tailored combination of carefully crafted design, with individually blended ingredients to ensure our customers experience a world of quality, perfection and well-being.

The uniquely blended English gin accord is like a contemporary silhouette thanks to a fiercely masculine and spicy structure, infused with juniper berries and black pepper with a zest of lemon and other fresh aromatic details. Elegant orris notes and addictive tonka beans combined with powerful woods, release the sensuality of the skin for an unforgettable trail.

A bespoke bottle with intricate detailing has been carefully designed in the heart of London, together with William Hunt to create this unique and masculine glass flacon. The deep based hand polished bottle houses 90ml of the finest ingredients blended for a long lasting fragrance sensation. The flacon is crowned with a heavy weight solid metal champagne cork style cap, inspired by William himself with the trade mark gold crest. 

Each bottle comes within its own hand made luxury presentation packaging, individually hand wrapped in embossed blue snake skin, with a bespoke magnetic closing flip style lid featuring a branded velvet padded lining, the perfect partner to the unique bottle design. Each box arrives with an individual outer carrier, accompanied with your very own personal membership invitation.


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